You are an individual of great depth; what you display on the surface is not all that you are. Your eyes twinkle with the very remnants of fantasies you’ve written off… maybe you’ve written them off out of fear of judgement… or maybe you’ve written them off because you haven’t yet found someone that you trust with your innermost desires. Fear not; whatever your reservations, be rest assured that when you book with me, you are booking with a companion who holds no prejudice and indulges in this realm with an open mind.

Are you a Dominant man? A sensual Submissive man? Into BDSM or toy play? … Or are you an Inamorato that enjoys the steamy passion of GFE? Or do you like to take things slow and really get into the mental before the physical? Even if the art of spontaneity is more your speed, I am here to make your fantasies a reality. I believe in taking the time to learn and explore because it always leads to a more powerful experience, and in doing so I have found more ways to make sure your mind is stimulated as well as your physical. 

Whatever you desire, I am sure to accommodate your every need.